Ecommerce Web Design Success

Ecommerce Web Design San DiegoAs our society has become more focused on online purchasing and consumers are using the World Wide Web to shop and carry out everyday purchases online, ecommerce has become an essential part of any product or service oriented business. San Diego Consumers are spending millions of dollars in online sales every year, and some businesses are making a better profit with their online ecommerce website than their brick and mortar store. Getting your San Diego business online to sell your product is a necessary and very realistic goal. You are losing potentially thousands of dollars by not having an ecommerce website solution online. So why wait? You need to find a reputable San Diego Web Design company that will help you get on the right track.

The reputable web design experts  at recommend the following plan of action for your web design project:

When developing your ecommerce web site, your initial homepage should make your visitors feel welcomed, with an introduction into your business. Make it appealing to both audiences and the search engines with thoughtful content. Let your audience know their transactions are completely secure, create a call to action (buy now), highlight specialties and make the site as intuitive to your Internet audience. Remember just because they’ve visited your site does not mean it will convert to sales unless you make your product or service palatable.

A simple, clean and easy to navigate ecommerce website will help your customers find what they need. Make sure all your products and services are organized into appropriate categories for easy navigation, creating attractive graphics of your products or services is also a good selling point. Every ecommerce website needs several pages that clarify your privacy policy and terms of service. There are many templates out there; the BBB in your area offers them as well. A professional ecommerce website also makes sure to display contact information very prominently for customers to get a hold of you.

The checkout process includes credit card payment processing information you have acquired from your online merchant account. For businesses that don’t already have an online merchant account, PayPal is a very intuitive and easy to implement solution, both in their basic payments and Pro version.

Once your customer has put an item in their shopping cart, you want to make sure the checkout process is as smooth as possible with as little clicks to get them to the payment process. When developing an ecommerce website, it is essential to do a significant amount of testing to ensure there are no snags with customer checkout. Let your customers know their information is secure and provide multiple means of payments including PayPal and all the major credit cards.

Creating a successful ecommerce website starts with meticulous planning, data organization, proper programming and a professional ecommerce web design. Once your web designer helps you get the fundamentals in place, you will be able to convert visitors to sales and watch your online business grow.